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On this page we have compiled game aids, errata and other files for the game Mars Code Aurora.

3D printing files

Rulers and templates

To be printed in filament.

Objectives tokens

To be printed in resin or filament.

Status tokens

To be printed in resin or filament.

Last shooter token


Bots miniatures from Cédric Snowmodel

To be printed in resin.

Documents and Gaming supports

Profile cards

All profile cards in pdf format to print.

Profil cards by Gregauryc

Profils cards for your Squad.

Briefing cards

Hazard tokens

Templates and tokens

Print everythin needed to play.

Reference sheets

Reference sheets simple and easy to use.

Multiplayer missions cards

Multiplayer missions cards.

Missions cards

Missions and tactical objectives cards.

Deployment cards

Print Deployment cards.

Activation cards

Print activation cards.

Squad examples

15 pts lists

25 pts lists